Cloudflare Network Interconnect

Directly connect your on-prem networks to Cloudflare's network

Your networks are at the core of delivering end-user experiences and supporting business initiatives. But often, the performance of your network traffic can be unpredictable due to intermediate networks outside of your control.

Connect your network infrastructure directly to Cloudflare's network for a more reliable and secure experience than connecting over the public Internet.

The power of Cloudflare — at your physical network edge

Cloudflare helps increase enterprise network security by enabling customers to connect to its network via private, dedicated links.

This is made possible with Cloudflare’s vast global network, which spans over 250 cities in 100 countries and interconnects with over 9,800 networks globally, including major ISPs and cloud services.

With Cloudflare Network Interconnect, you can set up both PNI and IX interconnections — enabling you to get faster performance and better security at lower costs than with connections over the public Internet.

Cloudflare connectivity options

There is more than one way to connect to Cloudflare — choose the best connectivity option based on your needs.

Private Network Interconnects (PNI): Connect via a PNI from any of our listed private peering facilities.

Internet Exchanges (IX): Connect via an IX at any of the 235+ Internet Exchanges we participate in.

Interconnection Platform Partners: Connect via an interconnection platform supported by any of our partners, including Equinix, Megaport, PCCW ConsoleConnect, PacketFabric, Zayo, and more.

Not sure where to start? Find out which interconnection method is right for your network.

Better performance

With no intermediary transit providers and associated hops between Cloudflare and your network, you get faster performance

More secure

Each provisioned link is reserved exclusively for the customer that provisions it — ensuring customer traffic is isolated and private

Lower costs

Customers can benefit from reduced transit provider costs and may also be able to lower egress costs in the event of cache-miss

How Cloudflare Network Interconnect benefits other Cloudflare products

Cloudflare's global network is like a network of highways that is designed to help deliver traffic in a fast, secure, and reliable manner. Extending that analogy, Cloudflare Network Interconnect is the on-ramp that allows our customers to interconnect their data centers directly with Cloudflare.

Keep reading to discover how Cloudflare Network Interconnect enhances the security and reliability of our entire product suite — for even faster and more private connections between your infrastructure and ours.

Cloudflare Magic Transit

Magic Transit is Cloudflare’s offering for networks. It uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to reroute incoming customer network traffic and block threats.

With Cloudflare Network Interconnect, clean traffic is delivered over secure and private links back to the customer network.

Network interfaces to Cloudflare are not exposed to the public Internet, minimizing threat exposure and delivering a more consistent network performance.

Cloudflare for Teams

Cloudflare for Teams replaces legacy on-premise VPN and Internet gateway hardware with Cloudflare’s global network, bringing traffic filtering and user authentication to the edge.

Cloudflare Network Interconnect establishes direct connections from branch offices to Cloudflare — without backhauling traffic to centralized filtering appliances — to further improve the speed and reliability of application traffic.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN brings content closer to visitors, improving site speed and minimizing origin load. Static and dynamic content is delivered over low-latency Cloudflare links to visitors all over the world for a faster user experience.

Cloudflare Network Interconnect also helps reduce egress bandwidth costs in the event of cache-miss to the origin.

Cloudflare Workers

Cloudflare Workers is a serverless compute platform that gives developers the ability to deploy custom code and robust, full-fledged applications at the network edge.

When integrated with Cloudflare Network Interconnect, Workers provides a secure connection to serverless cloud compute that does not traverse the public Internet, thereby enabling tighter network performance tolerances.

Connect to Cloudflare: Physically or virtually

Cloudflare Network Interconnection Partnerships

Cloudflare partners with leading cloud exchanges and data centers in global markets to offer private, secure links over high-performance networks and physical connections.

Whether you are connecting to Cloudflare via our global data centers or one of our partners’ many locations, you can instantly provision connections to avoid idle capacity and wasted costs.

Learn more about Cloudflare's partnerships.

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